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  • Pants/shorts/jumper/skirt: navy blue or khaki (NEW)
  • Shoes: black recommended (shoes must be closed-toe and closed heel – NO SANDALS); tennis shoes are okay
  • Blouse: white, navy blue, red with collar, no writing
  • Accessories: no makeup, no large inappropriate jewelry (such as hoop or large earrings, gang-affiliated items), NO HATS (NEW)


  • Shirt: white, navy blue, red with collar (must be worn inside pants/shorts), no writing
  • Pants/shorts: navy blue or khaki (NEW) (no baggy shorts)
  • Shoes: black recommended (no open toes), tennis shoes are okay;
  • Accessories: no inappropriate jewelry (such as earrings or gang-affiliated items), NO HATS (NEW)

No restrictions on brand or styles. No requirements for outerwear: sweaters, jackets, coats, etc.  However, it is recommended that outerwear remains in the school colors, white, navy blue, and red. 


Pomona t-shirts, sold by PTA, can be worn on Pride Day (Fridays) and also for field trips. It is not considered part of the school uniform, except on these two occasions.