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Principal's Message

Dear Pomona Parents and Students,

Welcome to Pomona Elementary School where we work as a team so each student can achieve their personal best.  Pomona’s student motto is, “The key is me.  Today I will be the best I can be.”  This helps to empower students and their families to know that they hold the key to academic success. 

Pomona’s teachers are a highly trained and experienced group who use best practices to make sure each student is learning at a high level.  They work as a team and analyze data to set goals for the school, grade levels, and individual students. 

I believe that family involvement in education is extremely important.  The Pomona parent community has and continues to make a huge difference in the lives of children.  I look forward to working as a team to ensure that your child is a successful and happy student.


Mrs. Gammel

Carrie Gammel

Office:  949-515-6980